Thursday, March 23, 2017

How Using a Running Backpack is Beneficial

Running is one of the best forms of cardio exercise that helps you maintain a healthy heart. Daily running activities can be done whether at home, work, or on vacation.And with little to no cost, you can begin running or jogging in no time. But for the best results, it’s worth taking a closer look at some of the running gear out there. Besides proper clothing and finding the best running shoes, another extremely beneficial item to have is a running backpack.

A running backpack is a uniquely designed athletic bag that can significantly improve your performance through a multitude of ways. Various designs and styles can fit the needs of everyone, and they even be used to add resistance and weight to your run.

A runner's backpack can improve your workout not only by freeing up your hands, but through its numerous features. Here are some of the benefits we think are the best:

Posture improvement
Healthy posture prevents experiencing back pain while running. A running backpack acts as a center of gravity that helps center your weight, thus no more forward hunching during exercise!

Healthy muscle development
The muscles in your torso can be enhanced by running backpacks, assisting to avoid injuries and strains that mostly occur while running and also after exercising. Some of the best running backpacks also help support the growth of the muscles on your back and hips.

Burns more calories
If you add resistance to your otherwise lightweight running pack, you can burn three times more calories than normal. By just a few more pounds to your backpack, you will boost the caloric burn rate substantially and see that your running routine steadily improves after introducing resistance training to your workout regimen.

Personal exercise items such as water bottles, nutrition bars, cell phones, other running clothes, and your ID are crucial when going for a run exercise (especially in the outdoors!), and therefore, they must not be forgotten. This is another major reason why running backpacks are vital. They offer optimal store space while remaining lightweight and easily accessible.

Like other fitness gear, backpacks for runners have variety of selections you can choose from. There are backpacks for those on a budget and those looking for all of the ‘bells and whistles.’

Running backpacks have numerous health benefits, whether your goal is to burn extra calories, enhance your posture, avoid injury, or just keep well-hydrated..

There are several features available on the market that you should consider before purchasing your running backpack. These include weight, fabric, storage capacity, durability, and the capacity of the pack’s hydration bladder (assuming it comes with one). Also, ask yourself:  Does it have a place for running the headphones cord, so you will be listening to your music while running? Does is contain pockets for your wallet? Is it a color that will reflect well at night time? There are a number of questions to consider, and we hope these gave you a great start. Now go out and find the best running backpack that suits your lifestyle!